It is raining sops in Andhra Pradesh this election season

With elections just three month away, the ruling Telugu Desam Government is raining sops on voters. While it is a common phenomena in every poll-driven state, the Telugu Desam Party is making sure it puts all its efforts in securing its win this time too. 
In this direction, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP National President N. Chandrababu has announced doubling pensions earlier this month, from Rs.1000 to Rs.2000. This move is likely to benefit nearly 54 lakh beneficiaries across 13 districts in the state. 
Following this came the 5% reservation for Kapus which would be provided as part of the 10% quote for the Economically Weaker Sections. This decision was taken in the state cabinet meeting earlier this week to provide opportunities to Kapus who are economically backward. 
On the other hand, the Government of Andhra Pradesh also added that they are working on getting the Kapus reservation under the BC category as well. “There is no question of letting that fight go. However, since we got a choice now, we wanted to use it for the benefit of the Kapu community,” said Telugu Desam Party leaders.
Driving in the same direction of showering voters with sops, the Telugu Desam Party has now come up with yet another idea to secure a major share of Backward Castes votes. The ruling party will hold a “Jayaho BC” convention in Rajamahendravaram on January 27th to ensure that the BCs stay with the party and vote for it in the upcoming State Assembly elections.

The BCs have been a core vote bank for the Telugu Desam Party ever since inception. Therefore, the party is banking heavily on this segment of voters.
Rajamahendravaram being a part of Godavari districts where the Kapus are a dominant community, the Telugu Desam Party believes that it can also attract the Kapu voters who are gradually drifting away from the party due to the presence of Jana Sena. They believe that holding the convention in Rajamahendravaram will work both ways for them, in winning both BCs as well as the Kapus.  
Additionally, the Telugu Desam Government is also working to provide reservation to BCs in MSME parks in order to encourage them to be entrepreneurs. With the ruling government doing its best to woo the voters and seal its fortunes in retaining power in 2019 elections, it would be wise for the TDP to also look at the state’s finances before making populist decisions which could push the state in further debts. 

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