Now ‘Child Tags’ in Tirupati to prevent abduction

In a novel experiment that could bring down child abductions in Tirupati, the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) has introduced “child tags” to ensure childrens’ safety. This move comes in the wake of an 18-month old’s abduction at Tirumala last week. 
Given that the temple is visited by lakhs of devotees everyday, these tags will help police identify kids and their parents or guardians.
How does this work?
Every child who enters the temple will be tagged with details of his/her parent/guardian that is accompanying the child. An identity card will also be given to the adult. Upon their exit, the cards will be checked by the local police in order to verify whether the adult accompanying the child is the one that came in with him or her. “Before leaving the temple premises, the police security would cross check the identity to confirm if the child is along with their parent indeed or their guardian. If there is a mismatch, they would be caught,” said a police personnel.
According to the Tirupati police, at the entry point of every gate, the cards will be issued. They should be deposited before they leave. The police would not allow anyone to exit the temple without displaying their card. 
TTD mulling digital cards
Currently, the ID cards are handwritten and the police are planning to digitise the process soon and handover unique cards with magnetic code. That way, there wouldn’t be any duplication as handwritten cards can be changed easily. 
The digitised child tag system will be discussed with the Tirumala Tirupati Devansthanam and then be introduced. This apart, police teams have also stepped up their vigilance to avert any attempts of child abduction including increasing the no.of CCTV cameras installation. 
This immediate move has been implemented after 18-month-old Veeresh Dalimbe was kidnapped by a man from Tirumala. The infant's parents, who hail from Maharashtra, could not find an accommodation and hence, slept at the mandapam near APSRTC bus stop when their child was abducted. When Veeresh’s parents alerted the authorities, they circulated the images of the kidnapper, captured through the CCTV cameras and tracked him, after which Veeresh was safely handed over to his parents.  
This new initiative was introduced on Tuesday and is being appreciated by all pilgrims and citizens of the state.


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