An Open Letter to the People of AP: Unite, Don’t Fight

Dear People of AP,
I’m writing this to you as a human. Someone who is in pain looking at the current state of affairs in the state.You have seen everything. The last 5 years have been about hope. 
Hope that the state will finally get back to normal after bifurcation. Hope that investments may gradually come in. Hope that the investments that came in would multiply and give you jobs. Hope that you will not have to migrate to other states or countries for better education. Hope that your kids wouldn't have to migrate for jobs and opportunities. Hope that your kids' future and the state's future would be bright.
You saw this hope materialising. You saw the vision, you saw the planning, you gave your soil and sweat. You gave your lands for the capital. You were witnessing discussions publicly. You were seeing the planning of a capital and decentralised development from scratch. 
You were seeing how Kia/automobile companies, Adani, Reliance, FMCG companies, Ceramic/Cement companies, several educations institutions, IT and other media companies walking into Andhra Pradesh, bringing jobs and revenue to the state.
You saw coastal Andhra get devastated by Cyclones. You saw how everything was brought to normal within a short span of time and how Vizag was re-branded as the Gateway to the East. You saw it all. Some of you liked it and saw the hardworking behind it. Some of you called it a scam. Some of you just stayed quiet.
The whole country is laughing at you (AP), claiming that you people fight amongst yourselves because "CASTE" is your greatest devotion and you would do anything for it. Prove them WRONG!

Now, for these 30 seconds, keep your caste and religion aside. 

Think that you are a human. If someone you believed in, threw you out of your house and took your land away and then asked you to migrate to another town. How would you feel? Would you like it and stay quiet? Would you say "oh this isn't happening to people in my caste"? Or Would you open your mouth and claim the rights of your house?

Question yourself. Question hard. Question your humanity. Now is the time to unite for your own state and its future. Do it, irrespective of your caste/religion or biases. The day you unite is the day you are a true citizen of the Andhra Pradesh.




“Save Amaravati, Save Andhra Pradesh” 

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