After ‘Bible Vs. Gita’ jibe, BJP now comes up with ‘Ram Vs. Rome’

After Rama idol desecration at the age-old Ramatheertham temple recently, religion-based propaganda is at an all time high in Andhra Pradesh. Following the BJP’s remarks ahead of the Tirupati Byelection in the state which is due in a few weeks, the saffron party's latest salvo at the YSRCP is to choose between “Ram Vs. Rome.”
While several political leaders had visited Ramatheertham temple earlier including TDP’s N. Chandrababu Naidu and others, BJP national secretary Sunil Deodhar has said that AP police is encouraging religious divide and has stopped him from paying a visit to the temple. 
Following a high drama, Deodhar said “Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister is instigating Ram versus Rome,” taking a jibe at Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy who is a practising Christian. Amidst the spate of recent temple attacks in the state, BJP has been increasing its religious propaganda and attacking the YSRCP and TDP about the attacks. 
Meanwhile, other leaders like BJP state president Somu Veerraju and Vishnuvardhan Reddy also were stopped from visiting the temple. As a result of AP police’s action on state’s BJP leaders, Jana Sena and saffron party leaders announced a Ramateertham Dharma Yatra today to protest against ongoing attacks on Hindu temples in the state.
While all of this seems to be the saffron party's agenda and strategy to incite and alter people’s mindsets towards a Hindu Vs. non-Hindu fight, it remains to be seen whether its strategy for Tirupati Byelection will work.
If not, the saffron party will not be able to forgive itself for already letting the people of AP down without fulfilling its promises but also injecting religion into a state that has lived without it. 

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