Bird flu alert in Andhra & other States

Amid the pandemic and growing demand for chicken across the country, bird flu fears have gripped the country. After states such as Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh government have sounded an alert, officials are keeping a close watch on migratory birds and poultry for any symptoms of the disease.
Any unusual mortality is to be immediately reported to authorities concerned for initiating necessary action. Meanwhile, Forest authorities are keeping close watch on migratory birds in all protected areas regions where birds congregate in large numbers, like Kolleru, Coringa, Pulikat, Telineelapuram, Telukunchi, Nelapattu, Uppalapadu and other places. They are particularly watching out for symptoms like tilting of head, paralysis and tremors.
As avian influenza spreads fast, forest authorities have directed all divisional forest officers to keep a close watch on bird sanctuaries, wetlands and other places where birds gather in large numbers.
Nearly 6-7 lakhs birds of 150 to 200 species migrate from parts of Siberia, Central Europe, Central Asia and other regions to parts of AP from mid-November to avoid extreme weather conditions in their places of origin. After staying in AP for a few months, they fly back to their home destinations during mid-March.
To keep a check, animal husbandry authorities in the state are keeping a watch on poultry farms to know any unusual mortality among birds, which number about 7–8 crore in the state. Poultry farmers say they had witnessed the worst impact of bird flu in 2015. They are, however, optimistic that the current virus may not affect poultry in the state.
The Better Andhra advises people to be watchful and be alert while also keeping their health concerns in mind. 

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