Bizarre cash credit: AP villagers receive money from unknown source during New Year’s

For some of the villagers of Shivarampuram of Salur mandal in Vizianagaram district, the New Year gift came as a real big surprise and a bit ahead of January 1st, 2021. Nearly 200 villagers received cash credits between Rs 13,000 to Rs 15,000 into their accounts on December 29th. 
As strange and sweet as it sounds, they neither wondered where the money came from nor reported it to the bank nor complained. In some families, more than one family member got the amount credited. They quietly accepted it and made merry. Upon the news spreading, they found out that it was neither from a government scheme nor any known source. 
So, a lot of them are still wondering about the source of the money. Well, then how did it all come to light? Several of them began withdrawing money from ATMs before the banks took any decision to reverse the credit. 
A local MPDO of the mandal said the money wasn’t from any of the schemes of the government and said that they would inquire into it with the bank. However, villagers do not want any enquiry as they got it and withdrew it. 
Well, for once, amidst the pandemic, Shivarampuram villagers are a happy lot. And, their new year indeed began on a prosperous note! 

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