Don't panic if your tax refund is delayed. Find out why!

If you belong to that taxpayers bracket that is still waiting for the refund into your account, you are not alone. Well, this has been a common complaint across the country following COVID and delay in filing of taxes. 
Apparently, the Income Tax Department is undergoing a technical upgrade for faster processing of the ITRs. And, that could be the reason behind the delay! Many taxpayers, even those who filed their tax return in the month of June or July, voiced their concerns over the refunds on Twitter. 
Putting the onus on the technical issues, the I-T Department tweeted “As part of our commitment to provide improved taxpayer services, we are moving to a new, technologically upgraded platform (CPC 2.0) for faster processing of ITRs. ITRs for AY 2020-21 will be processed on CPC 2.0. We thank you for your patience while we migrate to the new system.” 
The tweet didn’t mention any timeline on when it will migrate to CPC 2.0 and start processing the I-T returns for AY20-21. All income tax returns filed with the department are processed at the CPC or centralised processing center of the I-T department at Bengaluru as of now.
Many quarters believe that it is high time that the I-T Department comes up with a timeline for refund which will also ensure transparency and accountability in the long term. 

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