Gifted Child: 5-year-old girl from Andhra sets World Record

A five-year-old city girl pulled off a world record by reciting 100 decimal numbers in just 18.1 seconds. Abhigna Tripuraneni studying UKG was recognised as the fastest kid to recall the Pi value up to 100 decimal numbers by Champions Book of World Records and also by Indian Book of Records.
Abhigna’s recited the Pi value in 19.4 seconds first when she appeared before Indian Book of Records. She bettered and beat her own record, later, when she appeared for Champions Book of World Records by completing it within 18.1 seconds. Both the organisations have recognised her as youngest and also the fastest.
Abhigna’s parents Sharat Chandra and Chamundeswari are doctors by profession. They noticed that she has a photographic memory. Chamundeswari said that her daughter was very curious just like any other kid in that age group. 
“But we have noticed her ability to memorise anything just by observing and listening to us. As doctors we know that kids have extraordinary grasping power and we have channelized her gifted memory power in a systematic way. First, we taught her to recognise the names and flags of all countries. Following that, she was able to identify any country on the world map including its national flag,” she added.
“Covid-19 induced lockdown also helped us to spend more time with Abhigna as we have reduced our work hours and the schools have not opened yet,'' said Chamundeswari. After memorising all countries, we thought of Pi decimal value. 
As the Pi value can extend to any decimal number, we started with ten numbers and increased gradually. In less than a month, she memorised Pi value up to 100 decimals though she does not know what Pi is and how its value is calculated," said her mother. 

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