Mysterious illness surfaces again in AP, 29 cases show up

After a panic alarm in Pulla village yesterday, 29 people were reportedly ill following seizures, fatigue, vomiting and convulsions. Pulla village, in Bhimadole mandal of West Godavari district, caused an alarm again following last December’s chronic case of ‘mystery illness’ in Eluru which garnered nationwide attention after over 500 people fell sick. 
While initial reports from Pulla village indicate some sort of contamination, the district officials are looking into samples of food, vegetables, milk and other daily essentials in and around the village. State ministers also visited the village and surrounding areas to inspect sanitation and hygiene along with the cleanliness of water tanks and pipelines. 
Meanwhile, Joint Collector Himanshu Shukla said that ASHA workers have been conducting door-to-door surveys to understand the cause and study it. Reports from different segments are being gathered to understand and identify the cause of the illness. 
Blood samples of patients have been collected along with that of local cattle, poultry and other meat that is usually consumed by villagers there. Meanwhile, “patients have been undergoing treatment while Doctors from other parts of Andhra have been called to monitor and treat them,” said Mr. Shukla. 

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