National Youth Day: How India can progress & take a giant leap

Amidst the pandemic, we do not have considerable time and effort to dedicate to issues that confront us today. India stands on the cusp of major change: a transformation that could lead to unprecedented economic growth paired with radical improvements in the nation’s Human Development Index (HDI). 
Over the past two decades, India’s gross domestic product (GDP) has risen by more than USD$1 trillion , in the process bringing millions of citizens into a new cohort we call the emerging middle-class. We strongly believe that India can become a USD$10 trillion economy to secure its future in the next two decades. 
For this, the nation needs to create 10 million to 12 million jobs every year in the coming decades to provide quality of life for our growing population. Young Indians, particularly those from the emerging middle and the middle class — a billion strong by 2034 —have rising aspirations. They are also more empowered to demand change, thanks to ever-greater access to the Internet and mobile connectivity. 
A 9% GDP growth rate for the next 20 years with a per capita income rising from USD $1,500 to just under US$7,000 per year will boost quality of life for more than 1.25 billion citizens. This could be the largest national development effort any democracy has ever attempted, if India jumps onto this bandwagon. 
Reaching this ambitious goal will call for a concerted effort — from businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and government leaders. It will also require new solutions to leapfrog.
Therefore, the business of a government is to make firm decisions so that there can be certainty and stability in the affairs of the people. The art of government is utilizing to the maximum the limited resources at the country’s disposal. 
While India has realised that it cannot take growth for granted anymore, the attainment of a developed status does not mean that we can rest on our laurels. It is an endless pursuit of well-being for all our people. It is pertinent to remember that our vision of a developed nation integrates the element of time within it as well. Therefore, we need youth to be part of this major transformation and drive change from the front!
There are still those who ask why we need a Vision and for them, here’s a quotation: “What is important is not to be good today, but to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday.”

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