Open Letter to Indians: Is this the Republic we want for ourselves?

As India celebrated Republic Day with grandeur and pomp, we saw something ghastly happening in Delhi. Tractor Parade by farmers was taken up and turned violent, almost seizing the Red Fort and raiding the government’s parade. 
In the India we live in today, there are many questions as to why our country has stooped to an extent where we are unable to see farmers’ needs and meet them. And, instead are clouded by a political climate that also wants to put farmers into a political bucket and see them from that lens. 
Is the Tractor Parade an outcome of the years of unjust behaviour of the government? Or have we, as people, become nonchalant to what a true Democracy is? There are many questions as we ponder over this subject. 
But, there’s also an incident of human sacrifice from Andhra Pradesh that shook the nation. The killing of two young and beautiful daughters in the name of "superstitions & rituals" is not only a mindless act by those parents, but also reflects the lack of progress among even those who have good academic achievements. 
In fact, what has happened in Andhra is indeed very disturbing. I bring this up because we are talking about nationalism, patriotism, equality and all kinds of "isms". But, the basic trait of a human being — Humanism — is slowly fading as we enter 2021! 

I will NOT call them educated because EDUCATION is not just about academics. It also includes human evolution, practicality, common sense and more importantly, love and empathy towards others too. That is unfortunately missing among a lot of us today. We talk a lot about others and how they should live their lives. But, what are we doing with our own families, kids and parents? 
Reflect upon it. Think hard! 
It takes a lot of effort to bring a life into this world. And, every new life born into this world brings immense joy in different forms. To have a life taken out by those who give it is unfathomable, to say the least! We see kids abandoned in drains and trash boxes and still we have people who don't value life as it is. 
This is a lesson to the educated lot — Pause and reflect on how you want to be recognised or known. Having basic human values and practicality is important and key part of our lives. These two need to co-exist if you want to live and let others also live their lives. 
For all the educated fools who cross signals while speaking over mobile, who don't wear helmets, who throw trash on the roads, who spit in public places and demean others thinking it is their right, this is for you too! 
Learn to Behave. Learn to be Responsible. Learn to be HUMANE! (This is patriotism too.)

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