Panchayats Elections: This well-developed village has never gone to polls

Well, looks like the unanimous election incentive is ringing well with Panchayats in the state. Amidst this new craze, Bairipuram in Kaviti mandal of Srikakulam district stands as an example for the unity of people in electing their sarpanch and ward members unanimously every time. 
Apparently, the village has never gone to polls ever since the Panchayat Raj System was introduced and always chose their unity in electing the village head. Bairipuram has a population of around 1,300 people and has set an example to other villages in utilising the cash incentive for development with its unanimous choice.
All the people sit together and select their sarpanch and ward members to avoid any political or group rivalry in the village. Even if people of the village support different political parties at the time of general elections, they stand united when it comes to panchayat polls. 
Bairipuram has all the basic amenities because they utilise the cash incentive to develop their village. “We give equal importance to every individual in the village and take decisions on development works collectively. One person from every family in Bairipuram is invited to the village meetings to take collective decisions on development works and other important matters,” village head Venkata Ramana said. 
Apparently, after choosing the sarpanch and ward members unanimously, they inform the matter to the panchayat officials to make an official declaration pertaining to their election. Well, Bairipuram has redefined how unity can lead to development and how cash incentives can be put to use effectively by village heads if community participation is encouraged. 

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