Why Jagan Govt needs to tread carefully with respect to Amaravati

Following the High Court’s quashing of petitions alleging ‘Insider Trading’ in Amaravati land sale, the Jaganmohan Reddy-led government is looking for ways to do damage control. Now that the court has said that insider trading is not something that’s used for land sale and found no evidence in the petitions filed by the YSRCP government, it is clear that the YSRCP has been exposed for its vengeful politics against the former government. 
If one analyses this trend of vengeful politics, it is clear that Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy as the Chief Minister has taken damaging decisions that have affected the state economically and its people too. From the decision for three capitals which is still pending in the court to leaving protesting Amaravati farmers in the lurch, these decisions have had serious impact and consequences on the lives of those living in the capital region. 
Not only these, but loss of investments, companies shutting shop and lack of YSRCP’s commitment to demanding funds for projects like Polavaram and other key educational institutes along with a demand for Special Status, also exposes YSRCP’s failures in the state. 
With a majority of 151 seats, the YSRCP may currently not feel the pinch of its flippant decisions. But, going further, if the High Court begins hearing petitions filed by Amaravati farmers, there are chances that the YSRCP government will face the heat. Given that there were farmers who died during protests, it could turn into a sticky wicket for the Jagan government. 
Not only this, but Jaganmohan Reddy and his team also need to think of the consequences of his decisions and how they would come to bite the party back during elections. If the BJP decides to back out of its friendship with the YSRCP, then that could mean massive trouble for Jagan and his party. Therefore, Jagan needs to tread carefully with this issue as the BJP could use it against his party and him any given day if the alliance is called off!
So, better safe than sorry, may be?

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