Here's how you can improve quality of education in India’s Govt Schools

Quality of education in India’s government schools is one of the stark realities each one of us faces in this country.This question lingers on in each one of us. If we were to modify our government schools to change their standards and match that of private schools, we need a complete overhaul of the education system. So, what are the problems?
1.Teachers being recruited do not match the current education standards. Lack of right skills to teach the current generation are missing.

2.Knowledge levels of teachers aren’t upto the mark. Poor communication, behaviour and language skills, lack of technical skills, etc.

3.Most teachers do not attend work. Truancy is a major issue even today. Local leaders involve in corruption with the school officials while school development funds are minted and infrastructure goes for a toss.

4.Toilets for girls (including provision of sanitary napkins) and boys , a well-built school with sufficient classrooms, a playground and well-trained teachers are basic necessities which are lacking.

5.Lack of good-quality nutritious meal at school.

6.The distance of the school from the village also matters because most parents are worried for their children’s safety due to lack of proper roads and street lights.

7.If the distance from school to their house isn’t walkable, children would need bicycles to ride to school.

8.Can the parents afford the school fee? This also includes whether they’re interested in their child’s education and the need to send their child/children to school.

9.Is there enough awareness created on the need for education of a child?

Here’s what we could do as socially-responsible individuals:
  • Sponsor a poor child’s education (by talking to their parents or guardian)
  • Volunteer to teach a subject which is your strength (Could be anything from just playing and giving moral support to the child to teaching a subject).
  • Sponsor a child’s uniform/books/shoes/etc or sponsor computers and projectors in schools.
  • Adopt a government school in your village/mandal or anywhere and re-furbish it. (Only if you have the money and are willing to do it. 
Note: While you do all this, make sure to have a person who is in-charge and reports to you about the updates (if you are helping them financially).

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