How Modi made Centre Vs. Andhra Pradesh a personal battle with AP CM

The animosity between the people of Andhra Pradesh and the Central government is out in the open. The facts are clear - the central government has failed to implement the assurances made legally, in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 and no one can deny that. Despite the Centre misquoting figures and blaming the state government for mispropaganda, the trust levels of the people of Andhra Pradesh on the BJP government are fading away at a time when Modi mania has waned across India.
The situation between Andhra Pradesh and Centre got worse when the Telugu Desam Party decided to break off ties with the BJP and walked out of the NDA government early last year. Ever since the break-up, Andhra Pradesh has been getting a raw deal from the Centre. Additionally, the BJP High Command’s interference in ensuring that AP is at a disadvantaged position, added to the already existing tension. 
Political vendetta of the BJP’s Modi and Amit Shah duo along with the urge to jeopardise TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu’s career took over the bitterness between Centre and State. This led to the lowering of public discourse, eventually hitting out at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister personally. The BJP government at the Centre also made it worse for Chandrababu by becoming friends with TDP’s rival parties, the TRS and the YSR Congress in the Andhra Pradesh. This move by the BJP was enough to turn AP versus Centre battle into a personal ego war between Chandrababu and Modi. 
For instance: The Prime Minister during his visit to Guntur in Andhra Pradesh lost his dignity and that of his chair when he attacked the state’s Chief Minister personally, hitting below the belt. Narendra Modi gestured publicly how Chandrababu backstabbed his own father-in-law, NT Rama Rao, taking the battle against TDP to a personal level. 
Retaliating harshly to Modi’s personal comments, Chandrababu took his fight to the national capital, New Delhi and held a protest against the central government. Adding to this, Chandrababu also got personal for the first time ever and commented on Modi’s marriage. “You speak about triple talaq. I am asking you about your wife, who you abandoned,” Chandrababu commented. This tu-tu-main-main bitterness got dirty with allegations and counter-allegations, heating up the political scenario ahead of the assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh. 
If one carefully analyses the situation about BJP’s vendetta politics and why it is hell-bent on making TDP lose in Andhra Pradesh despite knowing that it cannot make headway into the state, one will understand that TDP had added 16 MP seats to NDA in 2014. So, this time, since TDP is not an ally, the BJP is trying to be friends with other parties such as the YSRCP to ensure that it gets its share nationally from Andhra Pradesh, to increase its allies’ strength in the Parliament.
As a shrewd politician, however, Chandrababu has made his fight against Modi look like a fight between Modi and the people of Andhra Pradesh. In this case, he is making sure that he is perceived as one who is fighting the mighty Central government as the only strong Southern leader in the country. Given that there is strong anti-incumbency on the ground, Chandrababu is not only fighting Modi & Shah’s revenge, but also a high-decibel propaganda within the state where his political rivals YSRCP and Jana Sena are baying for his blood, using caste polarisation as their strategy.

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