TDP leaders make a beeline to CM’s residence for tickets

Undavalli, a quaint village in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, has been witnessing heavy political activity over the past few days where cars rush in and out of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s residence, located on the banks of river Krishna. Chief Minister and TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu’s house has become the new hotspot for Telugu Desam leaders who are aspiring for tickets. 
As those seeking Lok Sabha or assembly tickets for the upcoming state and general elections, some of them are waiting in queues for their turn to meet the TDP chief and lobby for a desired ticket. What makes this whole process interesting is that they are using “family sentiment” to make this strategy work. Even some political bigwigs believe that the presence of a family members could increase their convincing abilities. 
Guntur MP Galla Jayadev visited Undavalli along with his mother Galla Aruna to seek tickets for both. While Jayadev is requesting for Guntur Lok Sabha from TDP once again, his mother Aruna requested for Chittoor ticket reportedly. Meanwhile, Beeda Masthan Rao from Nellore is said to have asked for Nellore Lok Sabha ticket. It can be recalled that Masthan Rao was one of the leaders who was targeted during Income-Tax raids in the state.
Apart from this, current Telugu Desam Party MP Thota Narasimham visited CM’s residence with his wife. Speaking to reporters, he said that cannot be contesting the upcoming election due to health issues and hence, has requested the TDP supremo to give MLA ticket to his wife. 
Other leaders who visited the TDP Chief were families of MLC Beeda Ravichandra Yadav of Nellore, TDP senior leader Sugavasi Palakonda Rayudu of Kadapa, defected MLA Jyothula Nehru among others. Several party leaders and cadre also are making visits to the CM’s residence to express their displeasure with their sitting MLAs or MPs. 

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