The options before Pakistan after India's airstrikes

Indian Airforce’s airstrikes on terror camps in Pakistan has definitely not gone down well with the country. In fact, it has retaliated by entering India airspace in Jammu & Kashmir today. However, it has very limited options to respond to India.
1) Mostly, Pakistan will continue to be in denial mode. To save its own face, it will state that the attack has not happened and there was no damage on the ground. The reason it will say so is because it needs Pakistan’s citizens to believe that it was alert but the attack didn’t happen. That way, it can say keep up the morale of the people. However, given that Pakistan takes everything personally, especially anything from India, this is quite a humiliating attack for its army. 
2) So, it could take to some cross-border firing and shelling. This becomes its second option as it will also give them a chance to retaliate and show its people that their Army won’t take it lying down. On other other hand, Pakistan has understood that the India it is facing is not the one that is passive to the attacks on its home. 
So, as a result, it may plan more such suicide attacked in India, through its proxies or terrorist organisations that it is nurturing. Even in this case, Pakistan will have to invest heavily in its artillery and machinery to fight this proxy war with India, which could put the country in a financially dangerous situation. 
3) Third option could be the last and that is to strike back at India with a limited war. If this happens, then Pakistan may escalate this by attacking India’s military bases and create a full-blown war-like situation. 
This means Pakistan will have to spend all its foreign currency reserves which are limited to $4 billion. The country has already made an appeal to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to fulfil its coffers with foreign currency. But, the IMF has not responded. On the other hand, India has nearly $400 billion in foreign currency and has a really strong economy that will get bruised, but can sustain a war.
Even if Pakistan attacks India, it will run out of finances and give India the power and resources to attack Pakistan until it gives up. Currently, the country is also facing international isolation as its latest attack in Pulwama stands exposed. 
Therefore, even China will limit its support to Pakistan and back out as it has already given a statement to show restraint. Therefore, if it chooses war, Pakistan will write its own end. And, hence, it will be careful not to do that. 

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