Is this YSRCP’s strategy to quell VSP Privatisation Protests?

The state of Andhra Pradesh has been witnessing protests from different sections of the society over the past one week to stop the privatisation of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP). In the midst of these protests, political parties and labour unions have all geared up to oppose privatisation as announced by the Central Government. 
While the YSRCP has praised the Union Government’s Budget 2021 on one side, Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy has written a letter to Prime Minister Modi seeking to reconsider privatisation as several thousands of families may lose their livelihoods. While that seems to be the YSRCP’s stand on the VSP issue, the BJP unit in AP is split on the decision. 
A few BJP leaders are for privatisation and are reiterating Centre’s stand on how privatisation will benefit the state while others are vehemently opposed. Amidst all these protests, discussions, chaos and disturbances, the state witnessed another surprise yesterday when Village Volunteers appointed by the YSRCP government came on roads to protest lack of salary hikes! 
While this came as a shocker to many citizens of the state, Village Volunteers said they are currently being paid Rs. 5,000 and they are demanding that it be increased up to Rs. 12,000. As part of their demands and agitation against the government, they are also demanding job security along with specific work hours. 
Now considering the timing of the agitation, it looks genuine. However, many voices in the political circles believe that this could be a strategy of the BJP and YSRCP to divert the attention from the VSP privatisation protests which are gaining national media limelight. 
According to a political analyst, “why would volunteers out of nowhere choose to protest only in this time? It could be a coincidence. But, looks like it is BJP’s bigger strategy to control YSRCP and divert the privatisation issue which is a very serious concern for AP.” 
Well, even if it is a political diversion tactic, it may be harmful for Andhra Pradesh because privatisation of VSP needs uninhibited attention right now and the state needs to address it and push the Centre to stop it. 

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