KTR as CM of Telangana? Here’s the story behind growing support

The Telugu states always have some political surprise springing up every month or two! Following the high-voltage GHMC elections in Telangana, there has been a lull in the state politically despite BJP proving itself as a rising force in the state. 
Amidst this, there have been calls for Telangana Municipal Administration and IT Minister K.T. Rama Rao to become the Chief Minister of the state. There are also some quarters of employees discussing how Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) wants to hand over the mantle to his son. 
Meanwhile, many TRS karyakartas also have been internally pushing for a leadership change, say sources. However, if one goes with the current political situation in the state, there is hardly any need for a change in leadership at this point in time. And, KCR definitely has a better grip over the party and government compared to his son. 
However, if one goes by how the calls for KTR’s name as CM surfaced, it is clear that there is a political strategy behind this. Let’s try to look at the reasons and who benefits from the leadership change. 
One: It could be BJP’s tactic of pushing (pro-BJP) TRS MLAs and leaders to demand for KTR’s leadership in a move to create havoc within the party. This will not only cause discontent within TRS and its members but also divide the party into several factions. 
Two: It is a well-known fact that KCR has sidelined his nephew Harish Rao and has been giving undue importance to KTR, who is seen as shadow CM. However, politically, Harish Rao holds more mass power and voter base and is seen as a genuine leader. Therefore, this difference could further worsen the gap between party karyakartas and lead to a serious rift. 
Three: KTR-Harish Rao rift could push the latter to quit the party and show interest in the BJP. While BJP is seriously waiting for a chance to damage TRS at any given time, Harish Rao will be its biggest pawn if the saffron party plays it right. On the other hand, the rift could worsen with KCR’s daughter Kavitha too rebelling for giving her brother the top post while neglecting her. Therefore, TRS could be caught in a family feud if this rift is allowed to worsen.
Four: This will also weaken TRS’ support to MIM in the long run which is BJP’s need of the hour. The fact that TRS and MIM are great buddies is a threat to saffron party’s growth in Telangana. Therefore, this one shot by BJP can hit many birds at the same time. 
Despite these four reasons, the BJP is looking at every opportunity to ensure that it creeps to power in Telangana in the next assembly elections. Therefore, it is more important for the TRS to tread carefully now and silence the demands for KTR as the next CM of Telangana while KCR continues as the CM in the business as usual mode. 

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