Shocker? This YSRCP MP met Modi separately on Capital Issue & Religious Conversions

Often seen as a rebel MP, Narsapuram’s Member of Parliament, Raghurama Krishnam Raju has announced that he has met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi and briefed him of stalling the construction in Amaravati and many other issues bothering the people in Andhra Pradesh.
Addressing the media, the MP said that he spoke at length about the injustice being rendered to the capital city of Amaravati. “I told him that Rs. 50,000 crore had already been spent on building Amaravati and that if the capital city needs to be shifted to another place, the state government has to pay a compensation of Rs 1 lakh-crore to the farmers who parted with their land for the cause, signing an agreement,” he said.
The MP also said that he informed Modi about the legal battle on Amaravati and urged his support in the matter. “I also told the PM that the state was in the red and not in a position to at least pay the monthly salaries of the government employees. And, even informed him about the recent spate of attacks on temples.” 
Additionally, he spoke about the privatisation of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant too and how Andhra people were connected with it by sentiment.As someone who is known to spring surprises for YSRCP and make controversial statements against his own party, this is the latest salvo RRR launched against the Jagan government. 
Moreover, he mentioned that he submitted a 25-page note to Modi on religious conversions rapidly happening in AP. The MP said the PM, who lent a patient ear, was taken aback when he told him that the state government had called for tenders for construction of churches. 
How the BJP took stock of the situation on the information given by the MP is something Andhra will look forward to. However, as YSRCP’s rebel MP, RRR always has some juice for the people of the state. 

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