Trouble for Jagan as Sharmila announced political ambitions?

Even when the world is taken from under our feet, we don’t realise until we lose everything! Well, looks like that will be the case with respect to AP Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy. Following his sister, Y.S. Sharmila Reddy’s announcement of a new party in Telangana which she aims to spearhead, Jagan and his party karyakartas have been visibly upset. 
Despite differences of opinion between the Y.S. siblings, Sharmila went ahead and made the announcement. Sources say that Jagan wasn’t really happy with the idea of a new political outfit by his own sister as it would make it look like a family feud becoming public. But, his advisor has been doing damage control stating all is well between Sharmila and Jagan. 
Sources, however, indicate that the pressure on Jagan is high from all sides now. Politically, BJP is playing with YSRCP and making the latter sing to its tunes using Jagan’s corruption cases against him.  By dangling “going to jail” card as his ultimate failure if he refuses to abide by their strategies and tactics, Jagan is under immense pressure. 
On the other hand, his wayward decisions with respect to the government, investments, price rise, tax hikes and a disturbing financial crisis has been impacting his public image despite winning brownie points on the welfare side of things. Additionally, now, Sharmila’s own political stint is a big bump in his political journey. 
With these kinds of obstacles and the talk of TDP regaining its strength in Andhra Pradesh, it remains to be seen whether Jagan can withstand this kind of negative onslaught that will be coming his way soon and could also be alarming for his political career! 

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