VSP Privatisation: AP’s BJP Leaders are a Confused Bunch!

Apparently, Andhra Pradesh’s unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is a confused lot. While the state is being treated unjustly for neither financial help nor for being heard, the BJP leaders in the state are facing public wrath. 
They have been staying away from the media ever since the Budget has been announced. Not only did Andhra get a raw deal in budget, the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant privatisation announced in the Union Budget 2021 came as a shocker to the state. 
While there are ongoing protests to stop privatisation of the state and “Visakha Ukku Andhrula Hakku” slogan being heard across Andhra, the AP BJP unit itself is in limbo when some within the party are for privatisation while some are against it. Meanwhile, all political parties and labour unions have been supporting people’s protests against privatisation. 
In such a backdrop of unexpected protests, even the ruling YSRCP is taking a stand against privatisation. This has also forced BJP’s ally Jana Sena to take a stand against privatisation. All these put together, there is a mounting pressure on the AP BJP unit to face people, but without anything in the form of funds or help from the Centre. 
This odd and uncomfortable situation is also creating discontent with the state’s BJP unit. Neither does this bunch have the power to demand the bifurcation promises to the Central High Command nor can they face the people. Politically too, BJP doesn’t have anything to gain in AP because the party is not in power in the state and is proxy-ruling it through its ally, YSRCP. 

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