Why Nimmagadda Ramesh is the just the right person AP needs in current times

Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar has become quite a well-known name in Andhra Pradesh in the last few months. From the battle in the Supreme Court about his removal to fighting it out like a Phoenix with a state government and eventually, making it follow his orders, Ramesh Kumar has come a long way. 
From the day of his abrupt and unjust removal as the State Election Commissioner (SEC) to YSRCP tagging him to a certain caste, the Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy-led government picked a battle with him that seemed never ending. However in last May Andhra Pradesh High Court reinstated Ramesh Kumar as the SEC. 
It was believed that the Jagan government did not want the SEC to conduct local body elections and hence, took the step of removing Ramesh Kumar as SEC and putting Justice Kanagaraj in his place. Despite all the ruckus, Ramesh Kumar is back as the SEC. Not only did he win this long-drawn battle, but has been stringent with respect to his work too. 
For quite some time, following the government’s Unlock, Ramesh Kumar has been trying to hold Panchayat elections. However, the YSRCP government has been ditching his efforts. 
First, it did so in the name of Covid spread and a few days ago, in the name of Vaccination drive and how polls could delay it. 
Following this, the state filed a Special Leave Petition in the Supreme Court, seeking postponement of Panchayat Elections. However, after the apex court chided Jagan government for being so callous about the polls and stating that elections were held even during the pandemic, the government finally conceded. 
Now, with the Supreme Court also stating to not interfere with the SEC and State’s ego battle, the ball is in Ramesh Kumar’s court. The schedule for the Panchayat elections was announced a few days ago by the SEC himself and ever since, he has been conducting regular checks on poll arrangements. 
However, YSRCP leaders have still not come to terms with the SEC's power. Their abusive behaviour has not only pushed Ramesh Kumar to file complaints but also deal more stringently with the current government. 
Going by how events are unfolding, it looks like Nimmagadda is the better and bitter pill that Andhra Pradesh needs to swallow, to allow democracy to function in the state. 

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