How to keep your hand off your face during Coronavirus scare

In the fight against the new coronavirus there’s one simple measure we can all take but that to many of us may sound almost impossible – we need to stop touching our faces.
The World Health Organization (WHO) says we should particularly try to avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth, which can be an effective way of halting the spread of diseases. Viruses can live for days on surfaces from desktops to door handles, and once on our hands can be transferred into our bodies through these entry points.
Hands off: How to stop touching your face
Is there anything we can do to help us give up this habit?
A new web-based app,, uses artificial intelligence to help people avoid touching their faces. Via a webcam, it learns the user’s behaviour patterns and sounds a warning if their hand strays to their face.
Dr Will Sawyer, a family doctor from Ohio, has c