India to have self-imposed Junta Curfew this Sunday

“Whatever I have asked of you till now, you have never disappointed me. We have been together and moved forward and that journey has been successful also. Today, I am going to ask all 130 crore of you for some time,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday evening, as he appealed to everyone to take a pledge to stay healthy and to keep others around them healthy. 
He further announced that March 22 will be observed as 'Janata Curfew', where no citizen except those involved in essential services will step out of their homes between 7 am and 9 pm.
The Prime Minister also asked everyone to self quarantine as much as possible to fight the coronavirus pandemic. "For the next few weeks, please step out of your homes only if absolutely necessary,” the Prime Minister said, asking everyone to self quarantine themselves and practice social distancing. 
"For the last two months, lakhs of people are in hospitals, airports etc working day and night. Doctors, nurses, housekeeping staff, police, mediapersons etc have been w