India’s Coronavirus numbers climb to 195: A State-wise list

The government said on Friday the number of coronavirus cases in the country has climbed to 195, including 32 foreigners and 19 people who have been discharged and sent home. There have been four deaths in the country—one each from Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Punjab—as of Friday.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked citizens to observe a one-day voluntary Janta curfew on March 22 to prevent community transmission of the disease and avoid visiting hospitals for general health check-ups and defer elective surgeries to relieve the medical staff from pressure.
The government has instructed states to enforce a work-from-home protocol for all private sector employees, except essential services, as part of a raft of measures aimed at staving off the coronavirus epidemic that has claimed four lives in the country.
he Centre has also banned all international commercial flights from landing in India for a week starting March 22. It has also advised children below 10 and citizens above 65, except government servants, medical professionals and public representatives, to stay at home.
Here’s a look at the state-wise breakup of Covid-19 cases in India till Friday:
With 47 cases, Maharashtra has reported the highest number of coronavirus cases. Out of these 47, 44 Indians have tested positive and three are foreign nationals. Maharashtra has reported one death, according to government data.
Kerala, the second-worst hit state in the country, has reported 28 cases, including two foreigners, of novel coronavirus so far. Three people have successfully recovered and no deaths have been reported from the state.
Uttar Pradesh
The most populous state in the country has reported that 19 people have been infected with the novel coronavirus as of Friday and one of them is a foreigner. Nine people have recovered from the virus in Uttar Pradesh so far.
There are 17 people, including 14 foreigners, who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Haryana has not reported any recovery or deaths as yet.
The Capital has reported 17 people have been infected with the novel coronavirus and that one of them is a foreign national. Delhi has reported one Covid-19 death and three people have recovered from the infection.
In Telangana, 16 people have Covid-19 so far and nine of them are foreigners. One patient has been cured and sent home.
There are 15 confirmed cases, all Indians, of the novel coronavirus so far in the southern state. One person has died of Covid-19 in Karnataka so far and there is no report of anyone being cured.
Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir
The Union Territory of Ladakh has reported 10 Covid-19 cases and Jammu and Kashmir has confirmed four people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus infection.
Rajasthan has seven people, including two foreigners, who have been infected from the novel coronavirus. Three people have recovered from Covid-19 and sent home.
Other states
In Tamil Nadu, three people have tested positive for coronavirus and one has been cured. There are two coronavirus cases each in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Punjab. Punjab has reported one death.
One each case of Covid-19 has been reported from Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Uttarakhand, West Bengal and Union territories of Chandigarh and Puducherry.

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