Cracks in the BJP-Jana Sena alliance?

There is growing speculation on whether the Jana Sena-BJP alliance in the Telugu States is heading towards a break up. Going by the latest reports on the municipal polls in Andhra Pradesh, Jana Sena had gained decent votes though it did not win any seats. But, the party believes that the BJP’s alliance affected them and dented their image. 
It was expected that the BJP wouldn’t garner many votes given the injustice it has done to Andhra Pradesh in many issues, including the Vizag Steel Plant privatisation. Additionally, Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the way Telangana BJP has been treating Jana Sena in the state. This has exposed the differences between the two parties.  
Moreover, Jana Sena’s leaders also expressed that they lost badly in the municipal and corporation polls due to the alliance with the BJP. Both these developments indicate that Pawan is determined to end Jana Sena’s tie-up with the BJP.
Interestingly, this is not the first time that Jana Sena is reassessing its alliance. Soon after the party’s launch in 2014 just before the assembly elections, Jana Sena and TDP alliance clicked well for both the leaders. However, the party severed its ties with the TDP later and then allied with the Left parties in the state. That also didn’t last long.
Following this, he even approached Mayawati to ally with the Bahujan Samaj Party while it did not fructify. Eventually, Jana Sena allied with the BJP after its defeat in the 2019 assembly elections. From unnecessarily pushing Jana Sena into a quandary to making it almost irrelevant even in the Tirupati Bypoll contest, the BJP has managed to draw enough ire from the party and its leaders with its high-handed behaviour. 
It is time that Jana Sena reassesses its strategy and carefully plans its next move to remain relevant as the public sentiment is currently against the BJP for being unjust towards Andhra Pradesh and its people. 

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