Did Peddireddy just pitch himself as CM of Andhra if Jagan goes to prison?

Andhra minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy is making waves at a time when the state is witnessing high voltage political campaign battle amidst the municipal elections. In a statement to the media, the minister said that he would have emptied the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and would have left Chandrababu Naidu isolated had he been the CM of the state. 

“Because it is a CM like Jagan, TDP and Chandrababu are spared. If I was the CM, I’d have finished off the Telugu Desam,” he remarked in a press statement. Apparently, many in the YSRCP are now making a huge deal out of this as it has not gone down well with the Chief Minister himself. 

Not stopping there, YSRCP rebel MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju (also knows as RRR) has his own thesis about Peddireddy’s outburst. RRR has said that the statement itself indicates that Peddireddy is a very brave man and he is the right candidate to be the Chief Minister if Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy goes to jail, as he is facing charges in disproportionate assets case.

On the other hand, within hours of Peddireddy’s statement, Republic TV aired a report on ‘dissent simmering among YSRCP senior leaders.’ This also has set off speculations on whether the dissent within the party is true given the undemocratic and allegedly autocratic ways of Jagan’s behaviour. 

Adding fuel to the fire, RRR said: “Peddireddy has all the qualities to be a stopgap chief minister in the gap between court giving the verdict and getting bail for the same. He is educated, wealthy and also has two Reddys in his name. Moreover, Peddireddy is a reliable man. He has also ensured that a majority of the panchayat elections were unanimous in Chittoor district and also saw that YCP won from Kuppam, the bastion of Chandrababu Naidu , as was declared by the minister earlier. He has the capacity to be a chief minister.”

Additionally, RR said that Peddireddy also secretly desired to become the CM. “And, if Jagan’s sister Sharmila been in Andhra Pradesh, she would have replaced her brother but unfortunately, she moved to Telangana and in such a confusing state, Peddireddy is being seen as a leader giving assurance to the YSRCP activists that he can lead the pack, in the absence of the CM.”

Commenting on municipal polls, RRR informed that in Visakhapatnam, threats were issued to the people that the benefits they have been taking would be stopped if they vote against the YSRCP, apart from the power of money and liquor that can influence voters. It seems to be clear that whatever YSRCP doesn’t want to put out, RRR will definitely reveal. 
Well, let’s see whether Peddireddy’s ambitions will take wings and if a leader like Jagan would ever step down from his throne! 

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