Ease of Living Index: Vizag ranked 15th among Indian cities

Four cities in Andhra Pradesh have secured ranks in the Ease of Living Index 2020 (EoLI) released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) in New Delhi. The EoLI survey assessed 111 cities across the country based on various parameters, including Services, Finance, Policy, Technology and Governance.
Among Indian cities with a population of over a million, the ease of living is the highest in Bengaluru, Pune and Ahmedabad while it is the lowest in Bareilly, Dhanbad and Srinagar, according to the Ease of Living Index 2020. In cities with population less than a million, Shimla was ranked the highest while Muzaffarpur in Bihar had the lowest score.
In the million-plus category, Indore has emerged as the highest ranked municipality, followed by Surat and Bhopal while Guwahati, Kota and Srinagar ranked lowest. Among municipalities catering to a population of less than a million, New Delhi Municipal Council has emerged as the leader, followed by Tirupati and Gandhinagar while Shillong, Imphal and Kohima municipalities were ranked lowest.
The report said that in the million-plus population category, Visakhapatnam got 15th rank, while Vijayawada stood 41st. Kakinada secured fourth rank and found a place in the top 10 liveable cities in less than million population category, while Tirupati  placed 46th.
Visakhapatnam scored 57.28 in EoLI (Overall), 51.93 (Quality of Life), 19.42 (Economic Ability), 65.18 (Sustainability) and 77.20 (Citizen Perception). Vijayawada got 50.35 in EoLI (Overall), 50.40 (Quality of Life), 11.57 (Economic Ability), 53.78 (Sustainability) and 67.40 (Citizen Perception). In the Quality of Life index, Visakhapatnam fared better than Vijayawada as the two cities come under the million plus population category. 
In the "less than a million population category," Kakinada secured 56.84 in EoLI (Overall), 54.53 (Quality of Life), 11.98 (Economic Ability), 51.67 (Sustainability) and 85.40 (Citizen Perception). Tirupati scored 50.33 in EoLI (Overall), 54.07 (Quality of Life), 11.46 (Economic Ability), 51.96 (Sustainability) and 64.30 (Citizen Perception).
In Municipal Performance, Visakhapatnam secured ninth rank in the million plus population category, while Vijayawada got 27th place. Tirupati secured second rank and found a place in the top 10 cities in the country in less than million population category, while Kakinada placed 11th, according to the assessment of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. 
When it comes to scores, Visakhapatnam got 52.77 in Municipal Performance (Overall), 63.35 (Services), 59.87 (Finance), 34.64 (Technology), 71.81 (Planning) and 29.13 (Governance). Vijayawada scored 46.04 in Municipal Performance (Overall), 61.46 (Services), 54.63 (Finance), 26.02 (Technology) , 36.81 (Planning) and 36.25 (Governance). 
In "less than million population category," Tirupati scored 51.69 in Municipal Performance (Overall), 65.77 (Services), 57.18 (Finance), 46.89 (Technology), 34.45 (Planning) and 41.62 (Governance). Kakinada secured 46.85 in Municipal Performance (Overall), 50.27 (Services), 46.73 (Finance), 31.42 (Technology), 54.16 (Planning) and 47.95 (Governance).