Municipal Election loss is a wake-up call for TDP

The urban local body elections to municipalities in Andhra Pradesh have clearly exposed the Telugu Desam Party’s weakness. Not only that but the humiliating defeat in the municipal polls also indicates a much deeper rot within the TDP which the party needs to address. 

Like The Better Andhra has been reporting and suggesting earlier, the TDP believes this is its wake-up call and needs a revamp strategy to face YSRCP which not only has the power but also money power and people’s votes.

On the other hand, the TDP leadership committed a blunder by taking the elections as a prestigious issue, despite knowing the fact that the ruling party would have an advantage in the local body elections. There are several instances of the opposition parties boycotting the elections to local bodies and emerging victorious in the general elections.
Instead of opting to stay away from the elections, the party leaders made all-out attempts, taking the elections as a question of prestige only to get these shameful results, say some sources in the TDP. Meanwhile, putting up a brave face, TDP supremo N Chandrababu Naidu felt that there was no need for disappointment. 

“Despite rowdyism, misuse of official machinery and inducements by the ruling party, we gave a strong fight. We will definitely emerge victorious in the future by working in the direction of resolving the people’s issues and for the future of the State,” he said.

On Twitter, he lauded the efforts of party cadres in the elections. “Every one of you (TDP cadres) gave your best for the party and even stood with the party, risking your lives in some parts of the state. I salute your fighting spirit,” he said.

Several people from the political circles believe that as long as the BJP makes efforts to replace the main opposition by targeting the TDP, it will end up helping the YSRCP and further, damage its own interests. “At least now, BJP leaders should understand the fact that they can achieve nothing in Andhra Pradesh so long as they fight on their own,” they believe. 

While this seems to be the position of the TDP now, it needs to understand that cadre loyalty will remain only if it begins meeting and mobilising its cadre while constantly motivating them. Even the top leadership is currently weak as the first-wrung leaders are missing and its party president Chandrababu Naidu is the only one running the show. 

Apart from this, a lack of clear direction in the party, a weak social media and PR presence and the lack of conviction of the TDP leaders to work for the party is also adding to the party’s woes in the state. 

While it is appreciable that the TDP has realised that it cannot waste any more time, it is time for the party to shed its ego and arrogance along with its assumptions and enter the game with refreshed thought process, great branding strategies and some young people around if it wants to make a come back in Andhra Pradesh. 

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