Municipal Polls: Lagadapati’s tete-a-tete with media

As a man who is flamboyant, colourful and always a cheerful politician, Lagadapati Rajagopal is a sight to watch. Whether he is talking about the state’s issues or just giving out his predictions, Lagadapati’s opinions are looked up to in the Telugu States. 

In his latest statement to the media, the “Andhra Octopus” who exercised his voting right in Vijayawada in the municipal polls said that he refrains to comment on Jagan’s governance which is drawing a huge criticism in the state. 

“We can only comment on Jagan governance and YSRCP government only after the next three years,” said Rajagopal, adding that there is a huge competition among political parties and they are trying their best to woo the voters. 

“Political parties should balance welfare schemes and development properly. When YSR was the CM, he did the same.” Commenting on Pawan Kalyan, Lagadapati said, “It’s good on the part of Pawan to be the side of people even after a debacle in 2019 election