Rajanna Rajyam & YS siblings’ takeover of Telugu States

Y.S. Sharmila Reddy’s open declaration of her political entry was a sight to watch. While the media reported widely that her brother and current CM of Andhra Pradesh, Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy has a difference of opinion with her political foray, there is still no statement. In fact, difference of opinion doesn’t mean differences between two people. 

Having said that, any political opponent should be wary of Sharmila and Jagan taking over the two Telugu states. YSR’s dream of Rajanna Rajyam as the Y.S. siblings are pitching, seems to be the family’s plan to monopolise power in the combined Andhra Pradesh.

While there is still no clarity on how Sharmila will chart her political journey, many believe she is very likely to take up a Padayatra in Telangana to become a household name, just like her father who did it and won the election. 

While the sentiment of “Chevella Chellamma” may work because even her father, Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, began his padayatra from the same place, it remains to be seen how she will catch the pulse of the people and grow her followers in a land that still simmers with the Telangana sentiment. 

Will she be the one to garner Reddy community votes in a state that has split the community votes between TRS and Congress. While the Reddy community was primarily encouraged by the Congress, weakening of the grand-old party has pushed many Reddy politicians into the BJP and TRS. However, with Sharmila’s announcement, it will be interesting to watch whether she will rise to be the Reddy community’s torchbearer. 

On the whole, one will clearly not miss out on how the Y.S. Family has bigger political ambitions in both the states and aims to rule the roost through opportunities ahead. Given the Telugu voters’ tilt towards dynastic families, we will have to wait and watch what turn their political dreams will take and hold for the Telugu states. 

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