Sharmila Political Foray: How Congress & BJP in Telangana are fighting for the Reddy Community votes

A few days ago, Y.S. Sharmila Reddy, daughter of former Chief Minister of (united) Andhra Pradesh, Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy made a huge splash by announcing her political entry in Telangana. This news has sent many in the political circles of Telugu States into a dizzy state. 
Is it a well-planned strategy or a confusing move to hit at other party’s votes? These questions constantly keep coming up when one discusses Sharmila's “Rajanna Rajyam” concept in Telangana. 
In this regard, it is important to note that Rajasekhar Reddy had opposed the formation of Telangana and hence, the idea of YSR in Telangana may not be accepted in the state which reeks of the “Telangana Sentiment.” However, many state that this could be KCR’s political tactic to grab the Reddy community votes by pitching Sharmila as a new candidate in Telangana’s political space. 
In this backdrop, the Congress is still struggling to remain relevant in the state with one of two firebrand leaders who are nothing more than sitting ducks in the party. On the other hand, the growing strength of BJP has revived the saffron party’s hopes of gaining significant political strength in the state and bringing up a divisive and religion-based agenda. With both these national parties fighting it out for votes, one crucial community that they are targeting are the Reddys. 
With TRS being run by those from the Velama community (KCR & Family), the Reddys who were opposed to the Velamas historically were affiliated mainly with the Congress. However, with Congress losing its relevance, this community has not found an alternative party to trust. Therefore, the Reddy Community vote is now an open battle between the BJP and the Congress while a first-timer like Sharmila too is now eyeing this space. 
Will this political wrestling yield any results? Will the Reddy Community trust either of these parties and shift their allegiance from the Grand Old Party, either to the BJP or towards YSR’s daughter? We will have to wait and watch how the political equations in Telangana alter in the next two years. 

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