TBA Exclusive: Why AP doesn’t deserve a leader like Chandrababu Naidu

Dear Chandrababu Naidu sir, 
Why do people need a leader like you? Why would someone understand how an idea like Cyberabad changed the future of united Andhra Pradesh, brought investments and lifted financial profiles of lakhs of families which now proudly claim that their sons and daughters are software engineers, either here or abroad. Their lives have changed, their lifestyle has changed. But, no, we won’t thank you for it. 
Your vision is misunderstood as grand plans. But still, the same people visited the new Secretariat in Velagapudi which was built in the shortest possible time. They expressed their grievances to you in the same premises. And, still when the current government said Amaravati is graphics, the same people believed it. In fact, the same party is now in government and is working out of the “Graphics Secretariat”. And, even now they argue about it despite seeing things changing in and around Vijayawada. 
But, sir, how many people understand that an international automobile giant like Kia Motors would even come to Andhra Pradesh’s dry region and give jobs to its people? For anyone travelling on the Hyderabad-Bangalore stretch, your vision is visible through KIA’s manufacturing facility. Locals in and around Anantapur got jobs. Their lives and financial profiles got better.  Even then…these people think it hasn’t benefited them directly. 
Sir, how would they even understand or know that if it wasn’t for Vajpayee and your push for IT reforms, they wouldn’t have had all those smartphones in their hands today. But, no sir. On the same platforms through their smartphones, they want to say you haven’t done anything for them. 
Again, thinking of drought-proofing a region like Rayalaseema is a huge task with multiple challenges. But, you tried to do it with Polavaram project’s completion. But, people don’t see what you see. While you wanted to quench the thirst of generations to come, our petty people wanted to only believe that there was corruption and every other negative report. But, what they didn’t see is the project’s progress and how it would benefit our own state. 
Sir, you always wanted to make Visakhapatnam the gateway for South East Asia. What that means is increasing cargo capacity of our ports, marine trade and marine exports from Andhra to other countries. That means we would directly benefit economically but also via tourism and cultural exchange. But, who in Andhra wants cultural exchange sir? They will only want to see Andhra’s ports being taken over by big industrialists of our country and still say “it is not affecting me.” 
Moreover, we saw how Cyclone Hudhud battered a beautiful Vizag. The way you handled that crisis and helped everyone rise above that blow was nothing short of a miracle. How you beautified Vizag after that was a thing everyone spoke about. But now, neither is the city clear and beautiful nor people’s lands safe. But, still, they will blame you for all things gone wrong!
From digital transactions to giving women the power to handle their own finances through DWACRA Groups, you have changed the rural economy in many ways. But, no! People still want volunteers to deliver…not full but half pension at their doorstep and scream development when actually their money is already gone before reaching them.
People only want more direct cash in their hands. People want schemes that give them cash even if their electricity bills are rising, if fuel prices are rising and prices of essential commodities are rising. They do not want to grow beyond a direct cash benefit. They do not see how big and good quality education institutes in their own state will make a difference to their kids’ futures.
So, why would people want a better future sir? All they want is cash and not dreams of their own state developing or growing economically. They don’t want good companies to invest so that their kids don’t have to migrate to other states or countries. Sir, why would people of that state want you when all they need is cash and criticism. 
Here’s a question to the people of Andhra: How long are you going to take to decide what kind of leaders you want? 

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