TBA Exclusive: Why AP doesn’t deserve a leader like Chandrababu Naidu

Dear Chandrababu Naidu sir, 
Why do people need a leader like you? Why would someone understand how an idea like Cyberabad changed the future of united Andhra Pradesh, brought investments and lifted financial profiles of lakhs of families which now proudly claim that their sons and daughters are software engineers, either here or abroad. Their lives have changed, their lifestyle has changed. But, no, we won’t thank you for it. 
Your vision is misunderstood as grand plans. But still, the same people visited the new Secretariat in Velagapudi which was built in the shortest possible time. They expressed their grievances to you in the same premises. And, still when the current government said Amaravati is graphics, the same people believed it. In fact, the same party is now in government and is