The Only Guy who’s been vocal about the right causes in AP

When it comes to issues related to Andhra Pradesh, it looks like political analysts, celebrities and politicians all have a double-faced approach. But, amidst all these people, there is one person from the Tollywood industry who has been vocal about causes related to Andhra Pradesh. And that person is -- actor Sivaji. 
From being one of the few ones who has been vocal about Special Status and fighting against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for not fulfilling promises made to AP in the Bifurcation Act to the cause of Amaravati Farmers and Capital issue, he has been the only one who has been stable in his approach. 
Someone who dons the role of a political activist, Sivaji is a regular on TV debates and speaks his mind openly about BJP’s devious plans. Especially after Y.S. Jagan came back, he’s been creating awareness on farmers’ woes after Amaravati has been put off as the capital. 
In his latest stint, Sivaji shot back into the limelight to speak on the privatisation of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant which is being opposed by the employees and most political parties in the state. As someone who is constantly hounded about his political entry, Sivaji has clarified once again that he will fight for people’s causes but may not join politics. 
Well, The Better Andhra, too believes we need neutral voices like him more in the state who will speak their mind and highlight the right causes when required! 

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