Why Rahul Gandhi is breaking the Internet with his fitness

From Kerala to Tamil Nadu, Rahul Gandhi is on a tour to attract the young and the energetic to the Congress, ahead of the Elections in these states. While the BJP is going full throttle on its strategies and by even announcing special sops for these states in the recent Union Budget, Rahul has perhaps chosen a different strategy. 
While there is still no information on whether he will be leading the Grand Old Party, his fitness stunts here and there during political campaign trails are working in gaining significant popularity for him. 
From jumping into a river with a fisherman in Kerala to doing push-ups in a Tamil Nadu school, Rahul Gandhi has been winning hearts all over the country. Interestingly, there’s also a sympathy angle that is slowly cropping up among netizens who believe he is a genuine person and a good human being.
On the other hand, the Internet is full of memes on how Narendra Modi will react to Rahul Gandhi’s fitness stunts and how he would compete, given how BJP has a highly competitive spirit. 
Rahul, perhaps, is on the way to carve out a new and refreshing image in Politics as a fit leader. It remains to be seen how he will mature as a leader of the Congress in the coming days. 

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