'Russian troops are coming to fight on Ukraine's side'

Ukrainian authorities have claimed that Russian troops were not just laying down arms but were moving over to fight on Kievs side.

Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine's Ministry of Defence, said: "More and more Russian soldiers are not just refusing to take part in the war against Ukraine, but are also coming over, weapons in hand, to the side of Ukraine to take part in fighting against (Russian President Vladimir) Putin's evil regime," Ukrayinska Pravda reported.

Meanwhile, General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said there was an "ongoing propaganda campaign" among the Russian troops, seeking to impose an idea that the ongoing war must end by May 9.

Russia marks May 9 as Victory Day to commemorate the surrender of the Nazi Germany in 1945. It is celebrated every year with a military parade, which in recent years has become more imposing and grand.

The General Staff noted that despite significant losses and demoralised personnel, Russian "military and political authorities of are still not rejecting the possibility of continuing to wage the war against Ukraine"

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