50 turmeric farmers to contest against Modi in Varanasi

Fifty turmeric farmers of Nizamabad district are planning to contest the polls against Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency to make the nation understand the gravity of their problem. 
Farmers had contested the polls in Nizamabad Lok Sabha constituency early this month. Now, a group of 178 other farmers want to take on Modi in Varanasi, from where he is seeking re-election. 
Nizamabad market yard Launched in 1933, it is the second largest market yard in Telangana state, well known for turmeric crop all over India. While a major part of turmeric crop reached the market yard from Nizamabad, Nirmal, Jagityal districts various food grains such as paddy, maize, turmeric, pulses, soya bean, sunflower, aamchur, onions and other crops are also sold from here.

The turmeric produce was being sold across the nation and international markets and several turmeric supplements being produced for health benefits.
All India Turmeric Farmers’ Association president Daivasivagamini said that 50 farmers, belonging to the SCs and some women, would take up ‘Chalo varanasi’ to file their nomination papers. The y are planning to file the nominations on April 28, two days after Modi files his papers. Polling in Varanasi is scheduled on May 19, the last phase.
All the 50 farmers will file their papers as independent candidates to highlight their demand for higher remunerative prices for turmeric, red jowar and establishing Turmeric Board in Nizamabad. The farmers said they have no rivalry with any candidate contesting the polls but that they want to highlight their problems.
Daivasivagamini said that the final num er of farmers who would get into the fray in Varanasi will depend on securing signatures of 10 local voters each and arranging money which should be paid as deposit.
The members of the Turmeric Farmers Association feel that their issues were sidelined when their friends contested from Nizamabad  targeting Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) candidate K. Kavitha, daughter of TS Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

Some farmers who supported Kavitha said that she fought for approval of the Turmeric Board from the Centre.
Over 185 candidates, including 178 farmers, contested from Nizamabad forcing the Election Commission to procure record number of electronic voting machines to conduct the polling properly. The EC used 12 EVMs of M3 version in each polling booth in Nizamabad constituency. 
Meanwhile, Kavitha who sought re-election from Nizamabad alleged that her political rivals were instigating the farmers. Then she suggested they do the same with Narendra Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi. 

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