AP CM takes ballot paper fight to Supreme Court

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and Telugu Desam Party chief N. Chandrababu Naidu said that the Election Commission has gone against a democratically-elected government in the state and has shown high-handedness in conducting polls in the state. Calling it their deliberate failure and making the entire process of voting a big farce, he said in the history of the state, there has never been so much violence. He added that this trend is very dangerous for the nation where institutions are being misused by the BJP government at the Centre. 
The Telugu Desam Party filed a review petition in the Supreme Court today on its order of counting VVPAT slips after such a bad experience with EC in the state. He said that the TDP’s petition will urge the EC to consider at 25% of VVPAT slips counting instead of its previous order. The Supreme Court stated that the Election Commission could use VVPAT slips for random matching in any of the five polling booths in one assembly segment as it did not agree to 21 parties demanding counting of at least 50% of VVPAT slips. 
He submitted a memorandum to the Election Commission of India in Delhi today and demanded for the introduction of ballot papers for voting instead of EVMs. Launching a trenchant attack on the Election Commission, he said that people have been very united in coming out and voting until early hours of Friday (till 4 am) after an appeal to return to polling booths. “Earlier, we had ballot papers. It will hardly take 1 extra day. What is wrong in it? If we can wait so long, wouldn’t we wait for one more day? EVMs can easily be manipulated. 4,853 EVMs were not functioning. That is a major crisis. I don’t know which party my vote has gone to,” he added. 
Stating that YSR Congress party along with the BJP and Election Commission have tried to make a joke of the polling process, he said it is his responsibility to create awareness among voters across the nation about EVMs malfunctioning and how they do not ensure free and fair elections. “YSRCP has shown its true face to the people of AP. All hooligans have come out on the streets and unleashed their true character by creating law and order disturbance and violence in the state. They are ruining the state in collusion with the BJP,” he added. 
He demanded the Election Commission that “1) Adjunct polling should happen in the polling booths where polling began late. 2) Why didn’t polling begin in the first hour? 3) Why were EVMs already faulty when polling began? What was the Election Commission doing?.” He added that people from across several cities came to Andhra Pradesh to cast their vote and they demanded the EC to respond while it was indifferent and did not take any action. Chandrababu said that he will also talk to other political parties and ensure that VVPAT counting takes place.  
Calling the Election Commission a failure and for being for irresponsible towards the state and its voters, he said that Andhra Pradesh would be a case study of how democratic institutions like EC have also been destroyed by Modi government, he added. 

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