Elections 2019: Modi takes a dig at TDP in data theft issue

A Prime Minister is generally expected to not get personal with politician or attack a state government as his position demands. However, Narendra Modi is not cut from the same cloth. He believes in direct and personal attacks against his political rivals. At the BJP’s public meeting in Rajahmundry today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a trenchant attack against AP Chief Minister and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu. 
During his speech, the Prime Minister highlighted the alleged data theft case which was created and planned by the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) and the Telangana Rashtra Samithi to defame the TDP. “Andhra Pradesh government is now also getting into criminal activities. They are indulging in data theft. They are saying they are a Seva Mitra. But, there is no seva (service) or mitra (friends),” he said.
“Look at it (data theft case) this way, if they can steal the data of people, imagine your situation if this party will exist in India and misuse India’s institutions. Today’s India is about giving it back to the terrorists, but this Mahaghatbandhan is favouring the people of Pakistan while the world is supporting India.” He added that a “New Andhra Pradesh cannot be made with dynastic politics. “Only BJP can bring in the idea of New Andhra Pradesh. You should look at my honesty, my work and my government’s battle against corruption, reforms as well as my counter-terrorism operations and vote for the BJP,” Modi elaborated.
Meanwhile, he also criticised political parties in Andhra Pradesh for practising and encouraging dynastic politics. “The political parties in Andhra Pradesh, whether it is the Telugu Desam Party or YSR Congress Party (Jagan Reddy) or Congress, all these are advancing their own family rule except for the Bharatiya Janata Party.”
Referring to AP Chief Minister as U-turn Babu, he said: “U-turn Babu’s condition is now like Bhallala Deva in Bahubali movie. He wants to ensure that the power is within his family, by doing anything and everything. Take any newspaper report from two years ago and look at what he says now. You can see how TDP government has not done anything in Andhra Pradesh. They are scared and disappointed that they haven’t completed any works in the state.”
Expressing his concern about the Polavaram Project, Modi said that Polavaram is a big lie that the TDP is spreading. and this (TDP) government is unnecessarily scaling up the costs and cheating the people and farmers of this region. “U-turn Babu is not concerned about farmers at all. All he wants to do is to criticise Central schemes. He has put his own sticker on PM Kisan Samman Nidhi and he is selling it as his state’s scheme,” Modi said, calling Chandrababu “sticker Babu.”
Surprising everyone and getting personal again with AP CM about the famous coup of 1995, Narendra Modi said: “BJP is taking an oath to protect the Heritage of Andhra Pradesh while U-turn Babu is making his best efforts to save his own Heritage company. U-turn Babu’s heritage is a backstabbing, Andhra Pradesh’s heritage is honesty and respect. AP people’s heritage is to have a clear heart and U-turn Babu’s heritage is to plot with his own people. Andhra Pradesh’s heritage is India first, U-turn Babu’s heritage is Family first.”
Stating that he is the chowkidar of India, Modi said that he will help every common man in Andhra Pradesh to progress in their life and make the state better by creating a “New Andhra Pradesh.” 

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