Here’s what the leaked audio tape of Vijay Sai Reddy reveals

What could create another headache for the YSR Congress is a leaked audio tape of the party MP Vijay Sai Reddy which has come as a jolt to the politics in Telugu states. In the audio clip, Vijay Sai Reddy is said to be talking to party leaders about getting a reality check done as YSRCP doesn’t have the chances to win the election in the state. 
“It is not fair for Jagan to dream of becoming the CM. This mistake was done in 2014 and same is being repeated now. If YSRCP won’t win this time, then people will forget YS family and that state will never ever even see any signs o YSRCP. We will be finished. We need to work hard and understand the negativity for YSRCP on the ground,” he said, warning that YSRCP cannot rely completely on Modi’s support. 
The audio clip also reflect Vijay Sai Reddy’s displeasure with PM Narendra Modi who did not announce his support for the party during his visits. “We cannot trust Modi despite he saying he will take care of everything. We are doing all the work. He comes at the last moment and nods. Is that how we want him to help us? He lacks integrity and is very selfish. He helped KCR…similarly he should help us….but he is not even helping us in Jagan’s cases. He will have intelligence on Chandrababu…but Modi did not bother to fight Chandrababu in the last 4.5 years,” he said in the audio clip, adding that defeating Chandrababu is not going to be easy. “Do not underestimate him or his strategies. He will keep fighting till the end. He never compromises,” he said. 
The conversation in the audio clip also revealed that several YSRCP leaders are misleading YSRCP President Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy that he will win the elections. “If a leader is strongly believing that he is winning….it is because of all these people who keep saying ‘Anna nuvve gelusthunnav’….so obviously he will be over-confident…Many are telling him (Jagan) that next step is oath-taking as CM of AP…this is wrong! Remember this…that fellow Chandrababu is capable of doing anything. He will again go to Pawan Kalyan and fall on his feet,” he said. 
Commenting on the lack of unity among people in Andhra Pradesh and their obsession with caste, he said: “Do not feel bad or take offence…But people of AP do not have unity among themselves like the way Telangana people have. Telangana people have voted out Andhra leaders. But, here, in AP, people are divided among themselves in terms or caste or so many other things…it is a highly divisive environment in Andhra..Telugu Desam Party has lived on castes and it has been able to garner their votes…No one can manipulate people from all castes the way TDP does.” 
Narrating the tale of Mahabharata and comparing Duryodhana with Chandrababu, Vijay Sai Reddy said: “Duryodhana is not only known for his immense strength but also for his tremendous mental strength…he doesn’t give in. Chandrababu also is like Duryodhana…he is someone who never gives up and will fight till the end, irrespective of the result,” he said, adding that YSRCP is fighting against the most “dangerous leader in India.” 
Vijay Sai Reddy also added that YSRCP can change the situation in AP and win the election but it needs to work very very hard to get there. “A lot of them who lack experience are declaring victory for YSRCP,” he explained in the phone conversation. 

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