Mohan Babu sentenced to 1-yr imprisonment in cheque bounce case

Veteran Telugu actor M. Mohan Babu has been sentenced to one-year imprisonment in a cheque bounce case. He was also directed to pay Rs 40.75 lakh to director Y.V.S. Chowdary, who had filed a case after Mohan Babu failed to pay him the amount. However, Mohan Babu got a bail and said that he would move a higher court. 
The 23rd Metropolitan Special Court, which convicted the actor in the nine-year-old case,  also  imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures, owned by the actor. Mohan Babu had  reportedly issued a cheque for Rs 40.75 lakh to Chowdary towards payment for the movie “Saleem” in 2009 but the cheque bounced. Saleem starred Mohan Babu’s son Vishnu Manchu and Ileana.
Chowdary’s lawyer Satya Sai Baba said Mohan Babu made an agreement with the director for Rs 1.55 crore to direct the movie. Of this, Rs 1.10 crore was paid in instalments and for the remaining amount, Mohan Babu issued a cheque which bounced on being deposited in the bank.
Meanwhile, Mohan Babu claimed that he had paid all the amount to Chowdary towards direction of the movie “Saleem” and that the cheque was issued to direct another film in his banner. Because Saleem did not do well, I told Chowdary that I will not do the next film. I asked him not to deposit the cheque in the bank but he did and it bounced, said Mohan Babu.
Mohan Babu served as an Rajya Sabha MP when he was with the TDP. Recently, he joined the YSRC. 

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