Now students in AP can learn through QR codes

Having introduced QR codes in the non-language textbooks for classes VI to X last academic year (2018-19), the school education department of Andhra Pradesh has decided to extend it to the language textbooks this year.
These codes will help the students assess themselves by taking the simple assessment tests given at the end of each chapter and share the scores on social media. The QR codes have been provided in the textbooks with technical support from the Central Square Foundation and Nandan Nilekani’s EkStep Foundation.
As part of the QR initiative, digital links will be printed at the end of each chapter to help students get additional information about the subject. The QR code will help the students access material related to the concept on digital platforms, which can either be a video lecture or tutorial or some other customised content.
This means in a biology textbook, in a chapter related to photosynthesis, there would be a QR code printed which when scanned would lead to video content on how a leaf would perform photosynthesis and how the sunlight would  augment the process and more infor