People of AP are with me, I’m confident of winning: AP CM’

With the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections just a few days away, leaders of various political parties are busy campaigning extensively and at one such meeting, we caught up with TDP national president and AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, who appeared very confident of the victory in both the polls scheduled on April 11.
The 68-year-old Chief Minister said the development works and welfare schemes will  get him back to power.  Despite the hectic campaigning, Naidu appeared calm and predicted that his party will win 150 of 175 Assembly seats and 23 of the 25 MP seats.
Q: It is clear that all the political leaders are angry with Modi. There is no Modi wave but do you think all this would translate to votes?
A: What has Modi done to the people in the last five years? People are not fools. They will respond at an appropriate time.
Q: KCR and Jagan Mohan Reddy are supporting each other. Will this tie-up affect your winning chances at the polls?
A: This will work in my favour. KCR abused the people of Andhra Pradesh in filthy language. Now, Jagan had joined hands with the same man and it is simple logic to understand to whom people would vote for.
Q: Do you think Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan will cut the vote and would it affect your party? Last time, he campaigned for you but this time, there is no alliance.  You said Pawan Kalyan is just an actor but there are many who ventured into politics and made their career like NTR.
A: He will split some votes but it will not affect our votes. Pawan is yet to establish himself. Only NTR was different, despite being an actor. What happened to Amitabh Bachhan? Pawan has a right to contest but he cannot affect our chances.
Q: This time, your son has entered into politics and what have you to say about accusations of nepotism on you?
A: I gave him a choice between leading a comfortable life by doing business or serving the people by taking a plunge into politics. He chose the latter.
Q:  The Seva Mitra app designed by your party recorded information of caste and to whom the voter is inclined to vote. There were reports that there were requests for deletion of voters under Form 7.  Was the information on the app misused?
A: Jagan decided to misuse the data. He is a notorious criminal. He went to Delhi and even complained to the EC that we are deleting votes. It was he who got 9 lakh votes deleted and we knew about it through the app organisers. We lodged a complaint and ended the episode there.
Q: Are you certain of a re-election? 
A: I have taken welfare to a saturation point. I am confident of a re-election because of the development I have brought about in the state. The Opposition is still criticising me but the people are with me.  

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