Political corruption casts shadow on KCR’s claims on ushering in change

While the Chief Secretary appointed by the Election commission and the Andhra Pradesh government are in a war-like situation, in neighbouring Telangana the revenue department and Chief Minister K.  Chandrasekhar Rao have been sparring after the latter announced plans to introduce reforms that could resolve land disputes in that state.

There is a face-off between the revenue officials and the CM so much so that the staff had not been able to meet Rao and tell him about their woes. The Chief Minister had not been giving an appointment to the revenue employees.

Having won appreciation for the various welfare schemes and irrigation projects taken up by him, KCR now says he would introduce reform s in the revenue department. However, they are nothing new but similar to those implemented by TDP founder-president late N.T. Rama Rao after the TDP was swept to power in united Andhra Pradesh.

NTR replaced the five-tier structure in the revenue department with a four-tier one, which led to framing the mandal parishad reforms. As part of the MP reforms, in 1985, the village accountant system was abolished. This triggered widespread protests from the revenue officials and those who lost jobs but it was applauded by the people looking for a solution to their land disputes.

While nothing is clear about the reforms and their efficiency in resolving land disputes and reducing corruption, Rao remains firm to carry on with his plans and stressed the need for an inclusive title for land owners.  

Political observers say that KCR should remember that corruption in government is also linked to political corruption and hence, cannot dream that his reforms would usher in change, even though he had expressed that he is keen in doing it.

Just by merely introducing the reforms one can’t expect to root out corruption in the system.  

The political leaders encourage corruption and so doing away with it can be highly impossible, a political analyst pointed out. KCR should also keep in mind that his reforms are not being welcomed by the revenue staff and his move can be politically disastrous. 

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