This politician provides comic relief in the heat of elections

Some people are naturally funny. Whether they just say something or make a gesture, we cannot stop ourselves from laughing our wits out. From shouting out loud that he will be the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to making tall claims about world leaders and bringing peace between India and Pakistan with just a phone call, he has said it all. 
One such person who has been providing a much needed comic relief during an action-packed election campaigning in Andhra Pradesh is Praja Shanti Party chief K.A. Paul. During his roadshows for the upcoming assembly elections, Paul has been touring different constituencies during which he has been making a few funny gestures which is providing entertainment to people attending them. 
As Praja Shanti Party's songs play in the background in his campaign vehicle, Paul is seen giving flying kisses, delivering punches in the air, dancing to the tunes and smiling away to glory. Happy as he always looks, he is also seen asking people to join him as he breaks into a step. He is also singing the lyrics of songs and giving people a run for their money with his performance. 
In a few other videos, he is also seen making actions matching the lyrics of the songs playing in the background. Clapping and hooting, he is also seen making gestures of riding a bike as he encourages youngsters participating in the bike rally of the Praja Shanti Party. In one of the speeches where he says “KCR ni Pakistan pampistha (I will send KCR to Pakistan),” people are seen enjoying his speeches and passing their time getting entertained. 
Even as the crowds are said to be clapping and hooting for him, he makes it clear through his speeches that he will make Andhra Pradesh America. Interestingly, he also made an effort to explain that America-model creating and ensuring better quality English-medium education, world-class infrastructure and more employment opportunities in the state. What attracts people’s to his roadshows are his interactive speeches where he asks the crowd a few questions and provides humorous answers to them. 
Even as the summer of 2019 is sizzling with the heat of elections, leaders like KA Paul are the comic balm that the state needs right now to cool off amid soaring temperatures! 

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