Why TDP needs to create strong second-wrung leadership

If you have heard of Telugu Desam Party and its cadre strength after Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao founded the party, you know that this political party heavily wrests on one man, its Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu. Be it his Cabinet or the party, there is a mutual agreement where everyone expresses concern about how his cabinet colleagues and senior leaders in the party cannot match his thought process or leadership skills, along with his political acumen. 
Almost nearing 70 years of age, Chandrababu Naidu though a healthy and untiring leader who loves working, needs to find an alternative. It cannot be his son Nara Lokesh because he is yet to still get himself dirty in the political atmosphere where he is still seen as a novice. The party has several senior leaders who provide crucial support to Chandrababu. 
However, the party still has a weak second-wrung leadership. Not many seniors are well-equipped with the fast-changing world which is progressing rapidly. Neither do they support Chandrababu with ideas that are new to him. Even his son Lokesh does not have his own style of oratory or thought process. He regularly apes his father, who is much ahead of everyone in the party. 
As excellent as Chandrababu is, the party is devoid of such talent except for a very few young guns. Dynamic leaders like Payyavula Keshav, K. Rammohan Naidu and others have a promising future in the party and can rise up to the occasion. However, we are yet to see the Nara, Paritala and other big family heirs who will be making their debut in this election.
The heavy reliance on Chandrababu also brings TDP great danger. On one hand, if the party comes to power after this election, it needs to start working on creating strong leaders who will at least compete with Chandrababu’s skills and acumen as the next five years could give TDP enough time to prepare good leaders who can support the party in every challenge. 
For instance: Telugu Desam Party lacks good speakers and this deficit is clearly visible as party men do not know how to counter back their rivals’ allegations. Most of them respond emotionally rather than logically. This sort of approach has put the party down even in a national scenario. 
Lack of knowledge is another key factor why there are no good and strong leaders within the TDP. Most of them repeat what the TDP Chief says, without making an effort to do their homework on a particular subject. 
If TDP needs to continue for the long haul, the party cannot just rely on Lokesh as its successor. It needs to create an army of leaders who cannot support the party even if Lokesh fails to shine politically. Only then can it be seen as a striking force in the future of Andhra Pradesh’s politics. 

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