85-year-old Anantapur woman recovers from COVID-19

A 85-year-old woman has recovered from COVID-19 in Andhra Pradesh.

She was among the five persons discharged from a hospital in the Anantapur district late Tuesday after they fully recovered.

They were tested positive on April 5 and were undergoing treatment at the KIMS Saveera, the designated COVID-19 hospital in district headquarter, Anantapur.

Doctors said after the completion of the treatment, they twice conducted the COVID-19 tests on them as per the protocol. As the result of both the tests was negative, they were discharged.

The five persons were sent home in ambulances. Earlier, they all posed together with the victory symbol after coming out of the hospital. The octogenarian was brought out on a wheel-chair.

Doctors and other healthcare professionals clapped to greet all five, especially the older woman. They said she responded to the treatment like any other normal person.

The woman had contracted the infection from her son who died of COVID-19 early this month. Her grandson and three others who were serving the deceased were also affected.

Doctor Ravi Shankar of the KIMS Saveera Hospital, said in addition to the medication, the patients were provided nutritious food to improve their immunity.

With the discharge of five, the number of persons discharged in Anantapur district rose to seven.

The district has reported a total of 36 positive cases so far. Three of them succumbed to the coronavirus while 26 are undergoing treatment.

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