Comparing 80 days of Covid-19 cases in India and the world

India reported its first case of Covid-19 in Kerala on January 30, around the same time the worst affected countries in Asia and the West reported their first casualties. Some 80 days later, by April 19, it had a little more than 16,000 cases of coronavirus with over 500 deaths.
This analysis shows India’s standing with 12 key countries which have already seen 80 days of the infection and found that it has out-performed most developed nations in curbing the pandemic. The 12 countries scanned are China, Italy, Spain, USA, UK, South Korea, France, Germany, Iran, Japan, Australia and Malaysia.
Case count
On January 30, India reported its first case of Covid-19 in Kerala’s Thrissur district. The patient was a student from Wuhan who had returned home. By the first week of February, the coastal state reported three confirmed cases, all of whom were cured and discharged by the month-end.
However, there was a second wave of coronavirus infections in mid-March. The government announced a nationwide lockdown from March 25 to April 14 which was extended till May 3. 
China, the epicentre of the Covid-19 pandemic, recorded its first incidence on November 17 last year, according to an article by “South China Morning Post”.
The report also highlights that by the end of December 2019, China had close to 266 confirmed coronavirus cases. The country is currently facing the wrath of global economies, with countries, including India, putting tight checks on Chinese investments.
In 80 days from November 17, 2019, to February 5, 2020, China recorded 27,409 cases and 562 deaths. The United States, which at present has the highest number of coronavirus infections, saw the biggest jump in cases in 80 days. The country recorded its first case on January 21 the patient had returned from Wuhan a week prior.
In its first 80 days, the United States did not announce any major restriction on public movement, unlike many other developed countries. By the 80th day on April 10, it had almost 5 lakh cases.
In fact, with more than 7.6 lakh cases, the country still hasn’t announced a nationwide lockdown. Rather, people are protesting on the streets against “stay at home” orders issued by governors in some states.
Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, which are among countries facing the highest number of cases, witnessed their first infection on February 1 and will complete 80 days of the pandemic on April 21. As of 4 pm on April 20, Italy, Spain and the UK had 1.78 lakh, 1.98 lakh and 1.2 lakh cases respectively.
France reported its first case on January 26 and reported 1.34 lakh cases by its 80th day. Germany, which witnessed its first case on January 28, had 1.4 lakh cases in the first 80 days.
India fares better than most of these countries, but there are some which did a much better job in handling the Covid-19 outbreak. Japan, which till date hasn’t announced a lockdown, had 3,139 cases by its 80th day; it had reported its first case on January 16. Japan has one of the slowest hikes in coronavirus cases so far sans draconian preventive measures.
Australia and Malaysia had witnessed their first cases in late January and by their 80th day had 6,415 and 4,987 cases respectively.
Death toll
By its 80th day, India had 519 deaths, which is lower compared to the most affected countries. Italy had 23,660 deaths, Spain 23,453 deaths and the UK 16,060 deaths by their 79th day.
The US had 18,586 deaths, France 17,188 deaths and Germany 4,352 deaths by their 80th day. China had reported 562 deaths by its 80th day, Japan 77 deaths and Australia 62 deaths.

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