Birthday Special: Why Chandrababu Naidu is India’s most undervalued leader

If there is one person Telugu people should be thankful to, it is former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and TDP Chief, N. Chandrababu Naidu. No, we do not say this out of sheer respect and love for him but because Telugus have become a brand by themselves. 
While he always says that Cyberabad was shaped by him, people do not understand what it takes to re-christen a city or build its brand by bringing in investments and marketing an unknown city abroad. People cannot see the future of an idea like he does. They do not know that IT could drive the state’s revenues nor do they acknowledge getting jobs and becoming part of that ecosystem, which is driving their lives and the Telugu states, today.
While it is their acumen that got them the jobs, it is Chandrababu’s vision that brought them those opportunities and access. There are thousands of people who criticise him and call him names, but why aren’t they globally known for their ideas and vision like he does? The answer lies in the question itself. These people know too well that they are reaping its benefits. But no, they will not agree with the facts!
The ones criticising do not understand how IT reforms under the Vajpayee government made technology accessible for the poorest today. They know Chandrababu Naidu headed that Task Force which today put cellphones in our hands and homes. If the IT reforms wouldn’t have been initiated, Digital India or digital transactions wouldn’t have been possible in India today. But no, they will not agree!
Whether we like it or not, the Story of Telugu People and Andhra Pradesh run parallelly along with Chandrababu’s and it is remarkable at every level. The people of Andhra Pradesh very well know that Naidu is the only one who can carry the burden of AP’s history and its future. He is a visionary for some and a dream merchant for the others. But, whatever he is and has been, his contribution to this country is undisputed.
Like our beloved former President, A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Chandrababu Naidu too has shaped his career from scratch with humble beginnings in our country. For every young person in this country, he stands tall as an inspiration “to start with what we have and where we are.” 
And, Politics happens to be his choice of career. But, despite all the odds, he has risen above it to exhibit his exemplary leadership skills and stood as an example of a quintessential leader in a country like ours.
We are fortunate to be witnessing his best hours as a people. It is his courage, intellect, mindset, determination, and belief in democracy that galvanises people towards him. The story of India and Andhra Pradesh is incomplete without Chandrababu Naidu. 

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